Althea Thompson is Hogan’s Driver of the Year

Kansas City, MO (October 21, 2020) After a record-breaking Fiscal Year, P&G is recognizing a few of our driver partners on the front lines delivering business, daily. Five nominated drivers now hold the title of Procter & Gamble “Driver of the Year.”

One of the five is Hogan Transport’s own Althea Thompson. Thompson began driving over the road with Hogan in 2011 and then made the switch to P&G in March 2012. When asked about her nearly ten-year relationship with Hogan, she said: “I stay with Hogan because when it comes down to family they understand you one hundred percent. When you need time off they give it to you. They take family time seriously.”

Each candidate received the nomination from a colleague who answered a series of selection criteria to make a case for their chosen employee. Thompson was nominated by her former dispatcher because he can trust that she gets the load there on time. “He told me I was involved and said he was going to put me down since I run P&G. I’m always involved with P&G. That’s all I know,” she said.

The qualifications ranged from number of shipments supporting P&G’s business to community service activities. Finalists were selected by leaders within Procter & Gamble North America Transportation Operations and Purchases organizations. Every individual nominated received at least a “Driver of the Year Nominee” certificate from P&G recognizing their hard work and contribution to the business.

Top Finalists were showcased formally during the Virtual Carrier Summit, “Charging Toward the Future Together,” held on October 14, 2020. As part of the Summit, P&G recognized a few, special carriers for excellent performance and partnership.

When asked about her victory, Thompson exclaimed, “I’m on cloud nine because I’ve never won anything before. I’m so excited. I’m enjoying it.”

The nearly tenured driver is known for being an integral part of developing Hogan’s relationship with P&G in the Kansas City area. With eight plus years of safe driving, 99.9% on time, 0 DOT recordable accidents, and 160 shipment YTD on P&G; Thompson was the obvious choice.

According to Thompson, she has consistently remained a faithful supporter of every P&G initiative. “I’ve went green with them. When they went green, I did the gas trucks. When they made a change, I did a change with them. I’ve always complied with changes,” she said.

With the upcoming summit on the horizon, Thompson is eager to attend. She has already received a gift card from Hogan and is looking forward to “the prize at the end of the rainbow.” When asked what’s next for the recent winner she said, “I’m with P&G for the ride. I’m cool. I’m the laid-back type of person. I’m here for the wave.”

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